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OHMYWHAAAAAAAAAAAATThis book made me laugh. It wasnt supposed to be funny.No. Just no. Never in a billion gazillion years did I ever imagine such an awful ending to such a promising series. Just...HOW CAN YOU FAIL SO BADLY??????Lets start at the beginning and work our way in. Lets start with Andreis amnesia which is just a ripoff of Viktors amnesia, which just adds nothing to the plot since we the readers already know who he is, which just exists so that the author can change Andreis views from Bolshevik to Monarchist. By the way, if an author ever has to resort to using amnesia to change a characters beliefs, then they are either writing badly or they are a bad writer. Which is sad. Because Judith Pella is not a bad writer nor does she always write badly.Also, and this is just a sidenote, the author does realize that she wrote Andreis fear of blood as stemming from the shooting of his father, right? So if he cannot remember anything, why is he still afraid of blood? There could have at least been an interesting scene where he sees blood and flashes back to Bloody Sunday (this does happen when Andrei gets caught in a riot, however blood isnt a trigger). But no. Whenever he sees blood, he just sort of faints and nobody knows why. That added nothing to the plot.You know what else added nothing to the plot? How about having a character flash back to the first book, with the exact wording and everything. Just...what. Just what. This book is a little under 300 pages but even then the author couldnt scrounge up enough material for an original book. Instead she had to be like, Oh yeah, in case you cant remember, heres what happened in the first book, but it has nothing to do with this book. Just running out of ideas over here. Which she clearly is.But this is made all the more infuriating by all the things she leaves out that she could have focused on. Lets talk about Paul for a second. Yeah, remember him? Been in every single book of The Russians ever. Shows up for a scene (ish) in this book saying that hes going with Kerensky to rally troops to defend the Provisional Government. And then hes never heard from again.Seriously, what happened?! We know that the Provisional Government obviously falls but what happened to Paul? Its not even intentional, like that the Bolsheviks killed him secretly or that he had to flee the country. No one ever goes, We dont talk about Uncle Paul anymore! or anything. I mean, I know Anna had to deal with Paul randomly disappearing when he was sent to Siberia but come on. She must wonder a little bit where he is. Or maybe she just doesnt care. Even the author doesnt even mention him. After that scene, he just disappears and nobody cares.What.WHAT.But hey, theres a lot more atrocities to record, so lets move on. Lets talk about Stephan (aka replacement Paul, like a Faul perhaps?). In this book, hes totally Bolshevik and evil. Wait, what? Did I miss something? When did that happen? In book 4, hes shown to be interested in anti-monarchist establishments, no word from him in books 5 or 6, and then suddenly hes here in book 7 being all evil and were all supposed be like, Oh yeah, that seemed like a logical transition! You know, when Paul went from naive peasant boy to hardcore revolutionary, it didnt just happen by having him disappear for books at a time. There was development of his character through the first two books so that when he got to the third one it made sense why he was so hardcore. Yeah, it was still kind of disturbing that he totally wanted to kill himself in a suicide bombing, but we could understand where he was coming from. Here, we have no idea what Stephans journey was through his off-page time and so it is almost like we are meeting a completely new character with no investment at all.Same goes for Dmitri. After book 4, he almost completely disappeared and then in this book, he shows up in a letter, in a letter, saying that, oh yeah, hes married now and has kids, has kids, and yeah, life sucks because the Bolsheviks are in power and thats all we ever hear from him. THAT IS THE FIRST TIME WE ARE TOLD ANY OF THIS INFORMATION AND THAT IS ALL WE EVER HEAR FROM HIM. EVER.Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.And even the characters who are still around act weirdly. Like Talia having Im in love with Andrei because hes dead even though I hated him in life syndrome. Also, Andrei himself dealing with the fact that his mother and Misha, aka the man who shot innocent workers like his father on Blood Sunday, are now married. Actually he doesnt deal with anything. Hes totally okay with it. Just dont show him ketchup though, or else he might faint.Another really annoying thing about this book is that the Romanovs are given such a huge focus. I guess I shouldnt be so surprised after the Rasputin plotline, but really? The Romanovs arent interesting, I know how their story ends, history has already spoiled that ending. The characters within this book, these fictional characters, are what I am interested in because I dont know how their story ends and I desperately want to find out. Too bad thats never happening.Of course, all of this is just peanuts to the real problem in this book: the ending. The main struggle in this novel is trying to help the Romanovs escape from the evil Bolsheviks. Well, as I already mentioned, history spoils this ending by having them die. So theres another 100 pages wasted on what we already knew was going to happen. And then after they die and their bodies are taken away, this happens:Andrei and Stephan meet up. Andrei gets a gun and points it to Stephans head. Stephan knows Andrei is afraid of blood and calls him out on it and says that he doesnt have the guts to kill him and Andrei agrees. AND NOTHING CHANGES BECAUSE OF THIS CONVERSATION. Stephan, come on man, the guy just said he wont kill you and youre still going to follow his orders with a gun to your head?Thats when I started giggling uncontrollably. Well that and the stilted dialogue of, You wont get away, Andrei, and then Andrei being like, Im already away, and then Stephan being like, For now. But Ill find you. Ill get you. And guess what? I didnt change a single word of that kapow meow. I could write a book bigger than this book detailing everything wrong with this book. Maybe one day I will. For now I will cry tears of sadness. And maybe giggle a little.

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