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Just to let everyone (especially the USians who may not get the rest of the series any time soon) know: This is SPOILERED UTTERLY throughout this squee.This is part one of the climax of the story of Chigusa Senro - for some reason his wounds dont heal like they usually do and he explains to Rakan that this is one of the times he had warned him of before, when Rakan needs to use his Sanome power directly on Chigusas heart to rejuvenate him - which is the whole reason why Rakan has been trying to learn sword work - to be able to CUT OPEN CHIGUSAs CHEST - (meganbmoore, this is so cateriong to one of your favorite tropes - I love you so much that only I can kill you). Of course Rakan doesnt hear that with calmness, but his fierce need to help Chigusa overcomes his worries - and Chigusa looks really bad. The rest of the group decide to deal with the still possessed black snake, Rakan, Chigusa and Narushige go back to a small cave in the cliffs which is easier to defend - but when Narushige detects something weird at the back of that cave, he alone goes off to find out what is there (you may be asking where the fourth one of the inner core group is, Kazuhis younger brother Toji Touno - youll find out, never fear).Rakan steels himself, literally, and CUTS OPEN CHIGUSAS CHEST!!! - which is no so difficult because Chigusa has already lost consciousness. Of course the chest bleeds, and now Rakan will have to put his hand into that chest and GRAB CHIGUSAS HEART!! (really, I cant help the capslock). Sugiura really can draw incredibly emotionally intense scenes of crack while making the reader take all of this totally seriously. Chigusas heart is silver! in colour. And probably the most personal emotionally and sexually arousing pictures in this series are Rakan carefully putting his hand into Chigusas wound and gently holding his heart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111!!!!!!!! WTF!!Chigusa is half-awake by this time and we get interior monologue from both of how much they care for each other, how glad they are they can serve one another - and the desire to never part and never make the other cry again. It is totally tender and moving. Chigusa is so happy that he is so connected with Rakan who is literally holding his heart - and then suddenly vines grow from Chigusas heart !!!!!!!!!!!!And NOW we get Hoshiminokotos apparition showing up, approving of Rakan restarting Chigusa in all the right ways, but also calmly waiting for Chigusa to LOSE ALL HIS MEMORIES, BECAUSE THATS WHAT ALWAYS HAPPENS IN THE THOUSAND YEARS SINCE HE CREATED CHIGUSA AS THE GOD OF DEATH FOR THAT LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!At just this point we intercut (Sugiura obviously knows how tv series work) to the rest of the group dealing with the possessed white snake, by using one of white Mitama pearls that Sae (Narushiges sister) brought along to turn it white again. The nice thing is that the ghost lady is the one to carry the pearl directly into the black snakes mouth ^^ - looks quite dramatic.And then we find out what Touji Tohno is up to. He has realised that various visions he has had, since the Ayame prince gave him eyes (he was born blind) mean that the Ayame prince has been seeing through his eyes all along - so his original job of killing Rakan or Chigusa was never the main point at all. Touji is emotionally shattered by realising this, but he also is a very brave man and he CUTS HIS OWN EYES TO PREVENT THE AYAME PRINCE FROM SEEING MORE AND TO HURT HIM BECAUSE IT IS HIS POWER THAT LET HIM SEE !!!!!!!!!Meanwhile Narushige finds another of Kinreis henchmen at the end of the cave, accompanied by HIS MOTHER! They explain to him that Narushiges father was a KINGEN! And that he has suddenly become WORTH SOMETHING TO HIS FAMILY! - They silence Kou in swordstick form and kidnap Narushige (who doesnt dare call for help, because Rakan and Chigusa are right behind him at the mouth of the cave).Back we go to the two and Rakan who has born all of the problems until now with something approaching calm is totally destroyed by the fact that Chigusa may not remember him anymore if the usual rejuvenation ceremony works. He also disagrees with Hoshiminokoto about the couse for Chigusas memory loss - its not the amount of memories - ITS THAT CHIGUSAS POWER OF DEATH MAKES ALL THE PEOPLE AND THINGS AROUND HIM DIE ACCORDING TO HOSHIMINOKOTOS DESIGN FOR A THOUSAND YEARS AND HE CANNOT BEAR IT - HE CANT KEEP HIS BODY FROM DOING WHAT HOSHIMINOKOTO WANTS HIM TO DO AS HE IS HIS CREATION AND HE IS AWARE OF ALL OF IT1111111!!!!!!!!Outside the cave the ghost lady who knew Senro two hundred years ago tells her story of him and also explains to the gathered number children that the two must be the same. Meanwhile the Ayame prince realizes that his prophecies only come over him, when a halo of golden sand is over his head - that they are the same prophecies as the scrolls that Kinrei found years ago - that Kinrei found him because of another scroll in exactly the same handwriting as a child which had been buried in golden sand - and that until recently he did not have a sense of self: Hoshiminokotos threads are revealed to both sides of this particular fight.Chigusa Senro/Sengin (=silver) has never stopped people from killing him BECAUSE HE HAS WANTED TO DIE FOR A THOUSAND YEARS NOW AND IT NEVER WORKED!!!

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